Friday, June 26, 2015

Barrage Markers

First I started with some plastic disks (Charity tokens from Tesco) a metal coat hanger and some hamster bedding.

I made some holes in the disks with the screw driver spike

Next I cut some pieces of hanger and super glued them in the holes.

Now was the fun messy part, I wet the hamster bedding with lots of wood glue and started to wrap it around the wire, and built up the smoke plume shapes, after 24hrs I gave it another few layers of wood glue to get a nice hard shell.

Next another layer of wood glue and some dry hamster bedding to get the fluffy smoke look.

Then I added some sand to the base and gave them a blast with the black spray and did some painting on them, I used a dark brown for the churned earth and red,yellow,orange for the fire effect.

I had no idea if they would turn out any good, so I only made 2 this time but I have another batch drying on my table.

The Free State 18 pounder breaks up the the Anti Treaty advance.


  1. I have to try it one day...the last picture is stunning, very realistic!

  2. A great idea, sitting well to lower picture...

  3. Very nice mate. It all adds to the appearance of the game table well done.