Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Church Ruin From Dave Graffam models

Here's the ruined Church from Dave Graffam models I have put together since my last post, the prints are based on mounting board and put together using super glue. Their are two options for the Church red brick or stone I went with the stone version as it looked more like an old school Irish village Church.

I added some props to the inside, the alter and organ are from Stoelzels Structures Church of the faithful set, the confessional box is a conversion of the news stand from Stoelzels Structures historic district real estate set.

A ladder was added for access to the balcony, and I used ladders instead of the stairs for all levels of the tower including the top attic space that had no access on the model plans, as usual the two doors to the tower are functional thanks to some masking tape..


  1. Great looking building, love the interior especially!

  2. Great detailing in a great model

  3. Outstanding! Very good work.I will now start following you. :)