Monday, May 30, 2016

2 New Builds

Here's 2 builds I did this week, they are my first hobby work this year, and I would like to apologize to every one for not being very active on the blog's this year, we had some family issues this year that took up a lot of my time but I should be back full time now.

The first is World War Ruin 3 by Dave Graffam, I did some light kit bashing on this one by doubling the side walls and foot print to make the ruin longer and I also added a dividing wall from Dave Graffam's tall ruined wall kit to create two rooms inside.

This one is the Southern Russian country house house by WarGames Print, I used the layer feature to create an inside and I added some shutters and bushes to cover up some of my sins.


  1. Nice buildings. I look forward to seeing them in a game.



  2. Excellent! the bushes bring the building to life nicely great idea!

  3. Nice looking buildings, love the first one!