Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weapons Of The Irish Civil War - Austin Peerless armoured car

The Irish National Army received seven  during the Irish Civil War and these were used by the Irish Defence Forces up until 1932. The Peerless armoured cars were fitted with two turrets each both armed with a single Hotchkiss machine gun. In 1935, 4 Irish Peerless armoured hulls were mounted on modified modified Terrier 6x4 chassis. A year later their twin turrets were replaced by a single  LandsVerk L 60 tank turret. This new vehicle was known as the Leyland Armoured Car and remained in Irish service until the early 1980s. The fourteen old Irish Peerless turrets and its Hotchkiss machine guns  were fitted to Irish built vehicles in 1940 called the Ford mk V Armoured car.


  1. Kaboom! Looks like a nice bit of kit. Been seeing a lot of armoured cars popping up all over the place recently. Enjoying these posts mate. Keep it up :)

  2. Hi
    Stunning photo, whether it's from some movie
    The lower images are directly in combat action

    1. Yes It's from the movie Micheal Collins with Liam Neeson

  3. A great looking vehicle and nice choice of photos!