Thursday, June 18, 2015

Anti Treaty Improvised Armoured Transport

I was looking for some old looking truck to make an Improvised Armoured Transport for my Anti Treaty force, I looked every where with no luck but I did find this modern recycle truck.

I added some Armour with mounting board, and a few bits on the wheels to hide the modern tires and some hatches they were taken from the worst model kit I ever picked up "Strelets Austin Putilov" I could not even build the kit I gave up after a few hours, total crap

Next a little paint and wash, and some metal mesh for an anti grenade cover. A very simple conversion about an hours work.


  1. With that thinking and modelling, nothing is off the table. GREAT work and inspiration. Well done.

  2. Hi
    A great idea and modeling, is well suited to the theme

  3. Nice that looks ace! great conversion and paint job mucka!