Monday, February 2, 2015


Im still waiting for Hat to release their British expeditionary force set, and now caesar are going to release a Russian army set from the Russo Japan war, cant wait for the sets to come out, while im waiting I will keep painting my Anti Treaty force & building terrain and cardfoo buildings

I want to create a complete town with all buildings you would expect their. Here's were I'm at with my to do list.

Church - Done
Houses - Done, might do more?
Cottages - Done, might do more?
Pub - X
General Store - X
Butchers - Done
Grain / Food Store - In Progress
Mill - X
Train Station - In Progress
Post Office - X
School - Done
Cafe - X
Farm - Done
Barracks / Police Station - Done
Bakers / Bread shop - Done
Bank - X
Garage - X


  1. Thanks for the heads up of the forthcoming plastic releases.



  2. Sounds good your getting there mate.

  3. Can't wait to see them all. What are you going to call the town?