Friday, January 16, 2015

Cottage Row

Here's another kit bash I put together, I was inspired by the two archive photos below. The model has Three cottages with Two room's each.

A free State Sniper Guards A Rabbit Hole between Two Buildings

The build was put together using three kits from Dave Graffam models, for the main body of the build I used the Longhouse Paper Model As it had no insides I had to create my own using the layer function, the floor sections are from the  Low Ruins Paper Models Set  
The broken dividing walls and chimney breast are from the Ruined Longhouse Paper Model 
The Two middle dividing walls with the chimney breasts  can be removed to reveal  broken wall sections, the player can choose to have his men smash down the walls to create One large building or to out flank the enemy force. This is known as Rabbiting and was usually done at the weakest point the fire place, this tactic was used  by both sides during the Civil War.
 Also in the pics below are some model railway Telegraph/Electric poles, they have been repainted and based on Five Cent coins.


  1. So many details, exterior and interior...excellent work, very realistic!

    1. Thanks Phil, I did put some extra work into this one

  2. Fantastic work- both very aesthetically pleasing and very practical for the table top.



  3. Fabulous work..
    the walls, outsides and insides
    (these building type here, we says the line-house)

  4. Oh, what smart models. Well done.

  5. There marvellous mate. Top job dude!

  6. I have quite a few Graffam kits and know how the work stacks up as you begin to kit bash..This is outstanding work, Sir.