Friday, October 10, 2014

Anti Treaty IRA Command

Here's the Battalion command squad for the Anti Treaty forces, the first two minis are from Pegasus hobbies War Against Fascism set that are based on Soviet WW2 Propaganda posters. I just did head swaps from Dapol railway workmen and Caesar Miniatures Sportsman Set 1 (Footballers) also I added a peaked cap beside the dead soldier under the flag, the medic team and wounded fighter are from Pegasus hobbies Russian Infantry in great coats, again with head swaps.

You can see by this pic how the Russians with head swaps match anti treaty forces, also some Anzac heads would work


  1. Nice looking figures and posters!

  2. Great conversions- from one of my favourite plastic sets too.



  3. Very good work. Those conversions I would never have thought about. The Dapol figures are a great secret to making many conversions, I use them a lot! I am working on some more Pegasus conversions right now and will post them in a week or so.

  4. Great looking command units. Love the flag carrier and the many dragging there poor injured comrade.