Friday, April 4, 2014

The Russians Are Coming !

 I came up with a new idea last night, it is so simple I don't know why i did not think of it before. As can be seen in the archive photo, the Anti Treaty forces battle dress was great coats boots and leggings and civilian style head ware, along with provisions the ad hock uniform  was generally pilfered from shops, this did not endear them to the local population and is one of the reasons the IRA lost public support. Some men are seen with ammo pouches and small packs. My idea to recreate this style is to start to use Pegasus new WW2 Russian sets with head and some times weapon swaps, they are even using Maxim HMGs a WW1 weapon and very faithful to the Irish Civil War period.

 Dapol railway workmen set, will supply the head swaps

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  1. Clever idea, good observation for potential. Well done.