Sunday, April 13, 2014

Campaign Idea

I set up most of the terrain I have made since I started this blog, im working on writing a campaign, the Battles for Bruree, the town changed hands three times during the battle for Kilmallock in late July early August 1922. I think this will make an exiting back and forward set of games that could be played at conventions, But I guess I will have to make a lot more terrain for such an ambitious project.

The major terrain builds would be

school house
Bruree lodge
the railway hotel
Limerick - Cork rail line
 train station
cottages and houses

On Sunday 23 July 1922, Free State forces took Bruff and began their advance on Kilmallock, but were twice beaten back by determined Republican Anti Treaty IRA resistance. The following day, the Republicans managed to retake Bruff in a counter-attack, taking 76 prisoners. As a result of this setback, O'Duffy called off the advance for the time being and waited for reinforcements.


 Free State forces quickly retook Bruff after reinforcements arrived. However, things got worse for the Free State Army as the week went on. They made slow progress in taking the Republican  strong points, and their casualties also mounted. On Tuesday, 25 July, a unit of the Dublin Guard under Tom Flood was ambushed on a narrow road. They fought their way clear, but only after losing four men killed. Three more Free State soldiers were killed two days later. On 30 July, Major General Murphy launched an attack to take Bruree. The Dublin Guards attacked the town from the southeast, supported by armoured cars and an 18-pound field gun. The Republicans held out for five hours until Free State artillery was brought into action. At least 13 Free State soldiers and nine Anti-Treaty fighters were killed in the action and more were wounded before the Free State troops secured Bruree.

The Republican commander Deany knew how important Bruree was to the defence of Kilmallock and drew up plans to recapture the town using three improvised armoured cars, a home made trench mortar and machine guns. On 2 August, Republicans captured Patrickswel south of Limrick. The armoured cars then attacked Bruree, taking Free State forces by complete surprise. One car attacked Commandant Flood's headquarters at the Railway Hotel. The Commandant and his men managed to escape out the back of the building under the cover of Lewis gun fire. The second armoured car rammed the front door of another post in the school house, which persuaded the twenty-five troops inside to surrender.


However when Free State reinforcements, along with armoured cars arrived, the republican counter-attack stalled. The Free State reinforcements were led by Comdt. Gen. Seamus Hogan, who personally led his forces, riding in the armoured car nicknamed 'The Customs House.' Having failed to secure the surrender of the town, Republican forces fell back to Kilmallock.

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  1. Neat report. I read a very interesting article on a series of battles in the Christmas edition of Wargames. I think the concept could be adapted for this battle. Drop me a line if you want the ref. I should have it handy.