Friday, December 27, 2013

AFV- Stat Cards

Hey guys I hope you all had a great Crimbo, and sorry I was not posting over the last week, a funny thing happened on the way to Christmas, I had a twisted Bowel(oh my dear lord the pain)and spent the 22 to the 26 in hospital, this was a total bummer as it was my little girls first Crimbo, but to look on the bright side they fixed the problem with a tube to the stomach and fasting so no operation was needed, and also I managed to get a lot of research done, and one of the results is this set of reference charts, I did a little twisting of the inter war years rules as they were very generic when it comes to ACs, so I based my stats on the actual historic info I found on the machines, and this gives the two major ACs contrasting advantages in speed fire power and armour.


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  1. Hey man tough luck on the guts. I hope that you are better now, at least on the mend. Neat idea with the cards, I think I'll play around with the idea. You stay healthy and have a good what's left of the festivities. You've plenty more Christmas' with your little one to come. They just get better and better. All the best.