Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stoelzels Structures, Coach House

So here's the first and largest building in my proposed Dairy/Farm  or Barracks/Jail project, Its the Coach House from Stoelzels Structures built at 80% to suit 1/72 minis, all the doors can function and the windows are clear plastic to help with line of sight, It took a little under a month to finish, as my hobby time is limited with the new baby and my 4 year old starting school, the other two buildings i want to add to the project are the cottage and the farm house connected by walls to form a court yard in the middle, they are smaller builds so should be a lot quicker to construct.


  1. Very nice it looks to! Well worth the time to make it looks great mate

  2. You've done a great job there, Shinto. I like to see clear windows and doors that open and close.

  3. Really nice- love the detailing in the interior.



  4. I thought the outside looked good before I saw the inside. Nice work.