Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Civil War Free State Uniforms

With my WW1 Russian sets on order, i have started to do some research on Free State Army uniforms, their is not much info and colour pics on line, but i did manage to find this stuff that will help me out.

It also seems that Hat productions, are releasing a new set
of early WW1 British Infantry(not sure when might even be next year?) they are better suited for Free State troops, and i hope they will come out with a heavy weapons team set in this style, but for the moment the Russian sets will have to do

Here's some info about Free State uniforms

Rank Markings

Rank markings were coloured cloth cuff bands and coloured diamond shaped cloth cap badge backing.
Rank Cuff Bands Cap Diamonds
Volunteer N/A N/A
Corporal 1 Green Green
Sergeant 2 Green Green
Sergeant Major 3 Green Green
2nd Lieutenant 1 Blue Blue
Lieutenant 2 Blue Blue
Captain 3 Blue Blue
Vice Commandant (Battalion) 2 Purple Purple
Lieutenant Commandant (Brigade) 2 Brown Brown
Lieutenant Commandant (Division) 2 Red Red
Commandant (Battalion) 3 Purple Purple
Commandant (Brigade) 3 Brown Brown
Commandant (Division) 3 Red Red
Brigadier 2 Brown with narrow Gold band between Brown
Colonel Commandant 2 Red with narrow Gold band between Red
General Officers' markings were cloth bands on shoulder strap, collar gorget and cap diamonds.

Rank Shoulder Bands Collar Gorget Cap Diamonds
Division Commandant General 1 Gold between 2 Red Red and Gold Yellow
GHQ Commandant General 1 Gold Yellow Yellow
GHQ Major General 2 Gold one wide, one narrow Gold and Yellow Yellow
GHQ Lieutenant General 2 Gold Gold and Yellow Yellow
GHQ General 3 Gold Gold and Yellow Yellow


  1. Nice to see the uniform's that where worn. It will be good to see some troops when they get released.

  2. Hi there, I'm currently producing a short film about the Irish Civil War in Kerry. I'm trying to locate uniforms of the Free State Army - or similar uniforms for the production, I would need 3 minimum. I can add more by using trench coats etc. Would you know of anywhere that I would be able to get replica Free State Army Uniforms?